You should e-mail us about what committee you want to be on.

From our May 7 meeting, we came up with a list of committees we think our neighborhoods need, based on our needs. The groups would basically get together monthly or so separately from the main meetings. The groups then come up with and hammer out problems, ideas, and solutions around those areas, then bring them back to the main group. Some groups feed to each other.

The committees are:

• Community Committee: areas include community events, community & group outreach, crime, and business outreach. Focusing on people. Want to help people? Plan a neighborhood event like Jubilee Days in the Junction? Summer movies in Roxhill Park?

• Infrastructure: Seattle agencies such as department of transportation, public utilities, city light, parks. Focusing on the clockwork of the city. Need more sidewalks? Streetlights? Speed trap cameras?

• Metro: Focusing specifically on King County Metro related issues. You know you want more Rapid Ride. Or maybe you don’t…

• Leadership: the WWRHAH council leadership, to push things along for everyone.

Can you help out? Would you like to? Do you have questions on it all? Go ahead and drop in a response here or send us an email at


One thought on “You should e-mail us about what committee you want to be on.

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