WWRHAH Meeting minutes from May 7, 2013

Our May meeting was last night, with 17 people in attendance. It was a busy meeting. Here is what we covered.

1. Areas of Focus

We went over and determined what were the principle areas of concern for the neighborhoods, based on feedback we’ve all heard across all the meetings since February, through tonight. There is a much more detailed list of specific items, which I’ll include in the end. These are where we will focus our energy and efforts first.

In order of importance, high level, starting with most important:

  • King County Metro
  • SDOT, safety, and infrastructure improvements
  • Community outreach
  • Crime
  • Business outreach

2. Committees

We established a list of four committees. I will send out an email to everyone and post here a separate thread for people who are interested in joining them and helping out. They are:

Community Committee: Areas include community events, community & group outreach, crime, and business outreach. Focusing on people.

Infrastructure Committee: Seattle agencies such as department of transportation, public utilities, city light, parks. Focusing on the clockwork of the city.

Metro Committee: Focusing specifically on King County Metro related issues.

Leadership Committee: The WWRHAH council leadership, to push things along for everyone.

If you are interested in helping on one or more , please contact us by e-mail at contact@wwrhah.org or by filling out this form:

3. Leadership elections

Under Mat McBride’s guidance, he led us through our first-ever leadership elections.

  • Chair: Amanda Helmick
  • Co-chair: Eric Iwamoto
  • Secretary: Joe Szilagyi
  • Treasurer: TBD
  • District Representative to the Delridge district council: TBD
  • District Representative to the Southwest district council: TBD

A note about the “District Reps” — some of you may not recall but Arbor Heights and Roxhill/Westwood are in separate districts, as far as the Department of Neighborhoods is concerned. This really just affects grant money—Arbor Heights goes to the Southwest district, Roxhill/Delridge go to the Delridge district. Where we “belong” is up to us, and this is something we’re going to come back to over time. The decision is ours in the end, and the city will honor it we were told. Here’s a district map.

4. Our next meeting in June!

Our next meeting is with King County Metro In June, and we are working now on a larger location (possibly a school or church—a bigger venue).

5. Detailed list of concerns in the neighborhoods

Here is the detailed list of topic areas we came up with in our round table to iron out areas and issues to focus on, in the order they came up in during the meeting:


  • Delridge Way service is only once per hour.
  • Arbor Heights service in general; the evisceration of the 21.
  • The bus graveyard at Barton & Westwood.

SDOT speed & safety issues:

  • 35th in general
  • Roxbury
  • Streets around Arbor Heights elementary
  • 30th & Roxbury at Roxhill Elementary


  • The county side of Roxbury between 28th & 30th—there is no sidewalk and it’s a major safety issue.
  • The lack of sidewalks around Arbor Heights elementary.

Community outreach:

  • Hosting an annual neighborhood event and celebration at Roxhill Park; perhaps a potluck or community picnic event; perhaps the weekend after Labor Day.
  • Outreach to smaller neighborhood groups to gather information and needs, such as the Block Watch groups, the PTAs, etc.
  • Outreach to White Center: work on integrating with our neighbors for growth and events.


  • Gun violence
  • “16th & Cloverdale”


  • Street repaving
  • Lighting issues across the neighborhoods


  • Reviewing outstanding needs for our Roxhill and Seola Parks. What other improvements may be nice?
  • What about the two small waterfront areas down in the Arroyos?

Business outreach

  • Partner with local businesses—Delridge, 35th, Westwood, Roxbury, White Center
  • Involve local business groups with adjacent business groups—work them to leverage interests with the West Seattle Chamber of commerce for neighborhood benefits for everyone.

General council business:

  • Do we want to/need to register as a 501(c)3 non profit?
  • What will our by-laws be?
  • What about pulling in resources or funds from the previous defunct incarnation of the last Westwood neighborhood group?
  • What about opening a WWRHAH bank account at a local credit union?
  • We will work on applying for a grant for meeting facilities, website design, and website hosting for http://wwrhah.org/.

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