SDOT update about the 30th Ave SW sidewalk

The pending sidewalk project from the Safe Walk To Schools program (already fully funded) hasn’t begun construction yet. We thought it was supposed to be done in time for the September 2013 school year, but no sign of it yet. This was the rebuilding of all the sidewalk crossings at the intersection of 30th Ave SW and Roxbury, and to extend the sidewalk south from Roxbury to 97th on the city side of 30thThis is a map of the location.

We just received the below note from Brian Dougherty at SDOT, sent out to the public. Great news about the 30th Ave SW sidewalk project:

We originally targeted construction to begin during the summer while school was on break.  When we submitted the final designs for review, our funding partner (Washington State Department of Transportation) requested a few design changes.  While these design changes were relatively minor, they did delay the project several weeks.  At this time we have final plans and are proceeding with preparation of the contracting documents.  We estimate the project will proceed as follows:

  • Late September, 2013 – Advertise for a contractor
  • Early November, 2013 – Award the contract
  • Late November, 2013 – Give the contractor notice to proceed with construction

Construction will take a few weeks to complete.  If everything stays on track, the sidewalk will be complete in early 2014.


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