Roxhill Park Day: planning a possible annual event

Hello everyone, we have one late addition to the Agenda for tomorrow, that we hopefully will have a few minutes to talk about.

A plan for a “Roxhill Park Day” type event: as Roxhill Park is our main park for the basically every corner of our three neighborhoods, we wanted to organize something.

The initial idea was this: The park doesn’t receive as much TLC from the parks department as other parks. For example, the trails get badly overgrown and need routine maintenance. So, we would combine a celebration with a work party.

The basic outline is:

  • Get a grant from the city.
  • Buy a bunch of appropriate tools from local businesses (garden, yard tools).
  • The tools get donated to the West Seattle Tool Library (a community non-profit).
  • We use those tools, under guidance of Parks employees and the Friends of Roxhill group, to clear back the forest and trails. Invasive species removals, widening trails for visibility and sight lines, etc.
  • Parks disposes of/sends all the yard waste off to the compost heap.
  • Meanwhile, we have a parallel festival. Vendors cooking and selling food; music; some public speeches; ice cream; some sort of food related contest (maybe with a celebrity judge or two?); other Fun Stuff.

We would need to iron out a lot of details between now and a mid-October submissions deadline for the proposal. What we do, if it works and takes off, would be the template for an annual event.

Since time is of the essence, we will coordinate through an email address and then publish everything after.

If you would like to participate in the planning, please either leave a reply here with your email address, send me a private message with your email address, and send an email to to sign up. The discussion will open on Wednesday this week (September 11th) via email.


One thought on “Roxhill Park Day: planning a possible annual event

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