WWRHAH By-laws update

After lots of time (we haven’t had any spare bandwidth to work on this since around summertime) we need to get on the ball about our by-laws finally. Here is the latest version. It’s basically the exact same thing as the last versions floated around in meetings, but simplified. If you recently saw the fairly complex West Seattle Transportation Coalition by-laws, it’s nothing like that. That’s basically a complex by-laws set for a federation of groups and individual members. Our jobs are comparatively much, much simpler.

The proposed timeline is:

  • Now to January meeting: take feedback on these by-laws.
  • January to February meeting: integrate feedback.
  • February meeting: vote to approve by-laws in the form it is in by then.
  • March meeting: ratify by-laws and people declare if they would like to be WWRHAH officers for May 2014-2015.

Click here for a Microsoft Word .doc version of the by-laws draft: WWRHAH Bylaws


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