Notes from SDOT’s first Roxbury safety study hearing

The first Roxbury safety study meeting was held last night with SDOT’s Jim Curtin and Brian Dougherty. In case you missed hearing about this, click here for details. This is the postcard that was mailed to residents within a few blocks of Roxbury:

The first meeting went pretty well! SDOT received tons of feedback from about a total of 15 people in attendance. We couldn’t even begin to keep up with all of the feedback SDOT got. There was a ton of dialogue at several tables, and they were filling up pages in their notebooks like stenographers. Several extremely large aerial maps of Roxbury from 35th to it’s east end were on two tables. One table was west of 16th, and the other east of 16th. Both were in short order littered with Sticky Notes scrawled with items from residents in addition to the notes that the SDOT staff were taking.

It sounds like a lot more people are expected at the next events, especially the meeting at Roxhill Elementary, based on feedback. This graphic is the timeline for the project going forward:

Highlights from the meeting:

  • NHUAC’s Ron Johnson had a folder of issues on Roxbury safety–years and years of issues–for SDOT. The folder was pretty thick.
  • Accidents and speeding are rampant across Roxbury.
  • Roxbury & 8th was once statistically the most dangerous collision spot in Seattle for vehicles and is still one of the top spots.
  • Did you know Roxbury carries more cars on it’s east end than 35th?
  • Did you know that this volume DROPPED when the South Park Bridge closed to be rebuilt, and will rise again when the new South Park Bridge opens later this year?
  • The east end of Roxbury is one of the busier arterials in the county.
  • Photo speeding enforcement is definitely coming at the Roxbury schools by the end of 2014.
  • Signage improvements and upgrades all along Roxbury are already underway; more coming.
  • All other Roxbury improvements will go live in late 2014 to 2015.

The next meeting, with a large turnout expected, is February 26th at Roxhill Elementary’s cafeteria at 630pm, at the intersection of Roxbury and 30th Ave SW.

Jim and Brian from SDOT.

Jim and Brian from SDOT.


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