We’ve added an e-mail list for you!

To go right to our E-mail list page, click on: http://www.wwrhah.org/mail-list

We’ve setup an e-mail discussion list, like other neighborhoods have. This will be separate from anything else like our Facebook, Nextdoor, or any forums — it will be for quick and fast discussions between everyone in Westwood, Roxhill, Arbor Heights, and our neighbors “a neighborhood over” or across the county line in White Center if they want. Not everyone wants to be on Facebook, or Twitter, or Nextdoor, or wherever else — but nearly everyone has e-mail today. The list isn’t just for WWRHAH — it’s for anything in our neighborhoods!

To join the mailing list, send an e-mail to:


Google works hard to keep spammers out — once you join, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail asking if you really wanted to join. Please check your junk mail folders in case this message is lost.

It will look like this:

Your confirmation mail looks like this.

Your confirmation mail looks like this.

Click the “Join This Group” button. That will take you to our Google Groups web page, and you will see a window like this:

Enter your e-mail address and fill out the CAPTCHA test.

Enter your e-mail address and fill out the CAPTCHA test.

Once you’ve completed that, you will see a quick orange-colored pop-up that says your e-mail address is submitted. The WWRHAH e-mail list moderators just need to approve you, and you’re done! You will start getting e-mail from the list.

If you don’t want to do it that way, please go here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/wwrhah/join

I’m having trouble joining! Help!

If something has gone wrong send us an e-mail at contact@wwrhah.org and we can manually add you. Just tell us which e-mail address to add and which delivery options you want. If you don’t know, we recommend you ask for “All”. If it ends up being too much e-mail for you, it’s very easy to change later to be a daily digest instead. These are the delivery options:

The delivery options to choose from.

The delivery options to choose from.

How do I send an e-mail to the list?

Easy! Just send an e-mail to:


And that’s it! It will go to everyone subscribed. At first, until many people join the list, there will be less activity. Over time, as people join, more people will post to it.

I don’t want every e-mail — can I get a daily digest instead?

Sure thing! Google security just requires that you have a Google account to do that. It doesn’t need to be a Gmail account — just a Google account that you would sign up for from the e-mail address that is on our mail list. If you don’t want to deal with that, just e-mail to contact@wwrhah.org to confirm that you want to be changed to digest or another option.

I signed up but I’m not seeing any e-mail. What happened?

Check your trash folders, junk mail folders and filters, and other things like that. Every single e-mail from the list will have our name in the subject like this: [WWRHAH] and will be sent to wwrhah@googlegroups.comIf you didn’t want digest e-mail check on the web page for our group to see if you signed up for digest. It’s also possible that no one has posted to the mail list since you joined!

Well, I signed up. Now what? 

Post to say hello, and maybe what part of the neighborhood you’re from. Share news and information with your neighbors. Ask us questions. See something suspicious, that the police need to know about? Call 911 first and then tell us. Tell your WWRHAH Community Council about issues that we should check on. Anything to do with our neighborhoods, really.

Can we make this new mail list more active?

Sure! Send more e-mails to wwrhah@googlegroups.com! And, send your friends and neighbors this page and tell them about WWRHAH.


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