WWRHAH December 2014 minutes

The area in question that we would chat with DPD about.

The area that we would chat with DPD about.

Here are the WWRHAH December 2, 2015 minutes. Fourteen in attendance tonight. Summer and end of year meetings are always quietest for us.

New business

From Lars: 35th SW Safety program – distracted driving concerns. Cigarette advertisements and other advertisements on gas stations and businesses – violations of signage? Each business has a sign permit and many are exceeding their allowed signage limits and square footage of signs. A follow up with DPD is needed here and a list of the locations that are believed to be in violation. This is causing some line of sight issues.

West Seattle Transportation Coalition meeting reminder for next week. Several SDOT teams are our guests to talk about disaster preparedness — what if an earthquake closed the bridges for weeks? — and also about the proposed routing change for the Rapid Ride C in the Junction. This is Tuesday, December 9, 630pm, at Neighborhood House High Point, 6400 Sylvan Way SW.

Meeting group last night.

Meeting group last night.

Committee updates


  • Prop 1 impact on our area in WWRHAH. 21, 21X and 22 not to be cut at all. Rapid Ride C will have more commute hour buses and capacity; the possible split of the C & D lines into separate routes. That would happen in June or September 2015 if it happens.
  • The Wall of Buses at Westwood has gotten better but it’s not resolved fully yet. We’re working with Metro and the City to get money for more lighting at the layover location and terminal. We’re going to run for another grant on this in the spring. SPD is working on it as well with us and wants more lighting in the area.
  • We’re waiting on SDOT to commission a traffic study on 29th & Barton.
  • We’re asking still for completion of user-controlled cross walks all the way around the mall, at all entrances.
  • We’re also still waiting on SPD to run a study on the bus terminal/layover areas and the rest of the park for needed safety improvements.


  • Effects of the buses on the collapsing pavement up and down Barton from 35th to 25th. We’re working with SDOT’s structural engineers to rerun a condition study of Barton to reflect the further deterioration. Multiple concrete plates are buckling now.
  • Jim Curtin from SDOT said we will likely have one final public meeting about Roxbury’s safety program, likely in January 2015.

Bog: No major new news. We’re still waiting/planning on taking next steps with the city, county, and state in Q1 2015.

Roxhill Park: No major new news.

Delridge District Neighborhood Council: Nothing major to report specific to us.

Southwest District Council: Eric Iwamoto, our WWRHAH co-chair, is now also SWDC co-chair. Nothing else major to report specific to us this month for SWDC either.

Housing Affordability

We had a rolling discussion about the Mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda and future growth impacts on the Westwood/Highland Park Urban Village. As the other nearby Urban Villages in the Morgan and West Seattle Junctions start to have less easy and prime locations.

  • Should Westwood Village’s area look more like Northgate Mall’s area?
  • Is perpetual population growth a given?
  • Will Seattle always be a desirable place to live?
  • Is growth like SLU possible here?
  • Can single family homes stay single family homes?
  • Will density eventually spread outwards generationally, block by block?
  • Can we get all our commercial zones changed to be mixed use commercial zoning?
  • Could we turn Westwood Village from a suburban type mall into a Jefferson Square type situation? Or more like University Village?
  • There is a lot of disused and unused commercial space on Delridge between Roxbury and north to Henderson.
  • Should we expand working with Highland Park on these ideas? We formed a mutual group with them – the Westwood Highland Park Urban Village Committee.
  • We will ask DPD to come to our January 6th meeting to talk about hypotheticals of changing the zoning on 17th, Delridge, and 16th north to Henderson.
  • We will talk to Highland Park about making it a joint meeting at their facility if possible at HPIC.

There were many pro and con notions tossed out during the fast and spirited discussion, as well as some “why” notions of why even begin the possible discussions with the city, even if only as a “what-if” at first. The main theme and vibe was that the facilities and area:

  1. Are underutilized for it being an urban village in our plan.
  2. Having the presence and infrastructure for a variety of options there (family oriented, single oriented, etc) right next to White Center would have a revitalizing effect due to the fact that literally no one lives on these plots now: it would put people on the streets.
  3. Combine #2 with the proposed/studies ‘commercial overlay’ that DPD is already considering for the area could transform it into a contained, walkable residential/commercial village.
  4. More people would mean more validation for Bus Rapid Transit or Light Rail options to benefit both the deep southwest of the city as well as White Center and Burien.
Westwood & Highland Park Urban Village Map.

Westwood & Highland Park Urban Village Map.


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