The Westwood-Highland Park Urban Village community members, in partnership with the SDOT Office of Community Development, will host an informal two hour community workshop to kick off the community led goal to improve the safety and public usability of the public right of way, currently known as the “Triangle Bus Park” located at 9200 Delridge at Barton Street SW [map].

Please join us on Saturday, January 28th learn about the best practices of urban design and contribute your thoughts about the untapped potential of this neglected and underutilized gathering place.

Reimagining The South Delridge “Triangle Bus Park” Workshop: Help Our Community Reclaim This Public Space

Date/Time: January 28th, from 10am-12noon, doors open 9:45am

Location: Highland Park Improvement Club

1116 – SW Holden Street, Seattle, WA 98106

  • Street parking is available nearby
  • Metro Routes 125 and 128 stop at 16th SW at Holden; walk east on Holden to 12thStreet
  • Light refreshments will be available
  • Volunteer Spanish translator will be available

Background Information:

Centrally located in the Westwood- Highland Park Urban Village, the “Triangle Bus Park”, was aptly named for lack of any true identity. For years it has been noted as a badly conceived space attracting illegal dumping and suspicious activity while repelling community members from proper use. We aim to change the trajectory of this space.

Through the City of Seattle’s Find It Fix It Walk for the Westwood/Roxhill neighborhood, the community has been awarded a small grant of $1500 to kick-start the process of reclaiming and redeveloping the Triangle Bus Park.

With SDOT, the workshop will explore and document community led findings centered the space’s history, safety needs, envisioned improvements and community identity of the area. Community members will be shown examples of best practices in urban design to spark and inspire innovative ideas.

The final community led findings will be collated along with a set of SDOT key recommendations to form a guidance document that will speak to the SDOT led redevelopment of the Delridge Corridor. Community leaders will be provided with the final form of the document to be used as a tool to inform future grant applications as well as engage all city departments about the space.

A copy of the original grant application that details the background, scope, desired outcomes and photos can be found here:

Agenda, January 28, 2017
9:45am- Doors open at HPIC
10am- Introductions and Outline of Workshop Goals
10:10am- Slideshow Presentation: Review of Triangle space, surroundings streets, location of bus routes, orientation maps.
10:20am – Community findings session – documenting known history of the space,community resources spent to date, general characteristics of the space and known challenges
10:45am- SDOT presentation: Examples of similar challenges in urban areas and solutions found. Best practices in urban space design. Overview of framing short term and long term solutions, understanding scalability of solutions.
11:00am – Group brainstorm sessions: listing challenges, needs, wants, aspirations for the space short term and long term.
11:30am – Presentation of group findings, gauge consensus of top priorities
11:50am – Create “Friends of” committee to move project forward to deliverable with SDOT, and steward next steps.
~12noon – Adjourn



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