Who We Are & What We Do

The short answer: WWRHAH is you. (We say ” rah!”, but you do you.) We’re members of our southwest Seattle neighborhoods who are committed to making them places for everyone; places we can afford and want to stay.

Seattle is at a turning point — 100,000 people have moved here since 2009. We are a grassroots organization committed to representing all the diverse needs of our communities. We come from all over the world; we love this city and want it to work for all of us, at all income levels, with an eye toward a better future.

Our agenda and projects are up to you. Maybe you’re concerned about a park after dark. Maybe you have a problem with traffic on your street or know an unsafe pedestrian area where you walk. Or maybe you are wondering how you can fund a community garden in a place no one is looking. Whatever your issue, concern or idea, we can help you make connections and take action.

Please join us for our next meeting!