Our Neighborhoods

Together, we are over 11,000 residents strong.

  • Roxhill/Westwood population: 6,730 (source: US census, city-data.com)
  • Arbor Heights population: 5,054 (source: US census, zillow.com)

What are the WWRHAH neighborhoods and where are their boundaries?


There is no “official” Westwood, but it’s become it’s own neighborhood due to the growth of Westwood Village Center. A long time ago, it was just all Roxhill, Westwood goes from 35th all the way to the Highland Park neighborhood boarder, encompassing the west side of Delridge and then south to the north side of Roxbury Ave,and, interestingly enough, includes the blocks containing the Holy Family church and its outbuildings on the south side of Roxbury.


City-data.com says this is Roxhill, loosely defined as everything east of 35th Avenue SW to a jagged line in the east, about to 29th, or sometimes 28th, or sometimes 25th. Or sometimes 16th. Or Delridge. And north from Othello south to Roxbury and the county. Except for where Holy Family is, where the neighborhood shoots out to the south a few blocks.

Arbor Heights

This neighborhood map is more defined at City-data.com for Arbor Heights. Annexed into Seattle from King County in the 1950’s, the area is on the whole quiet and is mostly self-contained, except that every map arbitrarily seems to give about 50% of one street down in the waterfront neighborhood in the Arroyos to the Fauntleroy neighborhood. m King County).

 City Maps

But what about “official” city maps? Here are some we found on the seattle.gov website, cropped down. Version #1:


Well, that’s confusing — no Westwood. And they have these two maps, as well. They look almost the same. But this will in the end only make things more confusing. Just wait. Alternate city maps of Roxhill and Arbor Heights, version #2:



But what is confusing, you may ask? Aren’t they almost the same? Just about, yes. But then you have this city neighborhood map, that throws it all out:


Here’s the important part: