We are currently working on and researching the following issues. To help work on these, click on our volunteering page.

If we are missing something important from this list, please contact us here and let us know what we’ve overlooked.

Infrastructure Committee issues

SDOT and traffic-specific issues:

SW Roxbury Street:

      • March 2014: Roxbury safety study we requested  is nearly to design phase.
      • March 2014: 30th & Roxbury sidewalks for Roxhill Elementary are nearing completed at last.
      • March 2014: Sidewalk missing link from 30th to 27th: no funding yet; WWRHAH will pursue this.

35th Ave SW:

      • March 2014: Safety study is pending and will start this summer.
      • March 2014: Safety study will not go south of Roxbury; WWRHAH will pursue this to at least 106th.
      • March 2014: Apparently new sidewalks around Arbor Heights Elementary are coming.

Missing sidewalks in Arbor Heights:

      • Much of Arbor Heights is without sidewalks since annexation to Seattle in 1954.
      • Prioritization should go for all blocks around the schools first.
      • All remaining Arbor Heights arterials second.

Westwood Rapid Ride stop:

    • The 70-foot no parking zone at the curb bulb is in. Should it be 80 or 90 feet?
    • We need crosswalk safety upgrades (a controlled crosswalk).
    • We need lighting on the crosswalk itself.
    • Are there Americans With Disabilities Act concerns since Metro drops passengers on the planting strip?

Micro-quake and vibration issues on 26th, Barton and Roxbury:

    • We’re now aware of multiple complaints of “houses shaking” from Rapid Ride buses, to the point that doors and cabinets visibly rattle.
    • SDOT is going to arrange speed checks on buses on these corridors.
    • We need to get opinions from contractors and builders—what impact does shaking like this have on structures in terms of long term damage?
    • We need to contact the UW geology department to see if there would be any interest or curiosity in actually setting up a seismograph locally for watching this.

Arbor Heights lighting issues:

    • Many areas of Arbor Heights have no street lighting. This is a complaint we have heard.
    • We will follow up with City Light in the spring-summer time frame on this.

Roxhill Park lighting:

    • We need to take a group of WWRHAH people around the perimeter of the park, to decide what lighting upgrades would be desirable from our perspective. We need to invite Officer John Kiehn from SPD for this, as his specialty is environmental design/policing for his feedback.
    • Once that is sorted we should prepare it, and invite a Seattle City Light engineers down for an examination of the viability of our ideas.
    • Once that is done we can present to them and ask for a quote, and see where it goes from there. Would it be a City budget item? A grant?

Roxhill Bog Committee issues

Roxhill Park Hydrology:

    • Our members are working with SPU and Parks right now researching what would or could be involved in re-hydrating the bog/fen area into it’s proper wet state again.

General issues & concerns

DPD “Pedestrian Overlay” Studies for our area:

    • After DPD presented this to WWRHAH for our areas around 35th and Delridge, our group was supportive of the proposed changes, which would bring us more commercial businesses.
    • No ETA yet for when these changes would go live.

This page was last updated March 2014.

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