Our Projects

Our projects are the things we care about in our neighborhoods. If something you care about isn’t on the list, join with us help find solutions.

We have a gem — an urban wetland — in our very own neighborhood in Roxhill Park. The bog — really a fen — is in need of our help. Learn how you can be a part of the solution.

Current Projects:
Roxhill Park Public Commons Program–Working with Seattle Parks and Recreation to work collaboratively to improve the social climate of a neighborhood park

Roxhill Park Wetlands — Working closely with city leaders, we’ve developed a multi-step plan to address issues currently facing the wetland, which isn’t holding water as it should.

Longfellow Creek Watershed — We help educate our community on the interconnectedness of our local waterways, and what opportunities we have to improve them.

Being able to to get around in our neighborhood — for work or for fun — is important to all of us. We represent all users of our community’s roads and know the value of working together.

Current projects:
King County Metro H-Line — We’re your advocate if things change as the 120 makes the transition to Rapid Ride bus service.
Westwood Village Transit Hub — We worked hard for new lighting and sidewalks on the north side of Roxhill Park and will continue to push for improvements that benefit all of us.

Pedestrian Safety & Accessibility
As our city becomes more dense and our neighborhood more reliant on transit, we want to make sure we can safely get around, whatever our mobility.

Current projects:
Barton Street/26th Ave SW traffic study — We’re asking for help to address visibility issues.
25th Ave Sidewalk Grant — Construction is about to begin on this project, which we applied for as a community to help improve the safety of a commonly used path adjacent to schools and low-income housing.

Health & Safety
We all deserve to feel healthy and safe where we live. Working together, we address problem properties, organize clean-ups and work proactively with city leaders to address issues.

Current Projects:
Abandoned/Vacant Buildings
— We can help you make connections to resources and tools to take action.
Homelessness and Crime — We work in partnership with community police to share information and learn statistics specific to our neighborhoods.
Delridge Triangle — We take on complex projects to help address community concerns of loitering, dumping and other activities.

Equity & Displacement
Our neighborhood has had little in the way of public infrastructure investment or development for more than two decades. We want this to change. At the same time, we all have real concerns about displacement as private developers seek to maximize their investments.

Current Projects:
HALA/Rezoning — We are asking hard questions about long-range plans for our neighborhoods now so things don’t happen without our community sitting at the table, and have joined a city-wide coalition that is fighting for true affordability and livability in our neighborhood.
Development & Design Review — Learn about projects coming up for design review and how (and what) to comment on in that process.