Major zoning changes are coming to Urban Villages throughout Seattle that will allow developers to build taller in exchange for “affordable housing.”  If you are reading this you likely live within one of the zoning change areas. 

The fact is, Seattle’s growth is causing a housing affordability is in crisis. We know we need to grow.

However, we cannot support this one sided, one size fits all , developer led “Grand Bargain” without true neighborhood involvement to effectively manage growth. 

The City has not done a fair and honest assessment of the impacts that MHA zoning changes would cause.

The Seattle Coalition for Affordability, Livability & Equity is a newly formed coalition of twenty-six Seattle community groups who have banded together to file a legal appeal against the MHA EIS upzone impact study.

As a citywide Coalition of neighborhoods and issue groups, we support:

• Truly affordable housing, including family-sized housing, in all parts of Seattle
• Zoning that keeps diverse, vulnerable communities, especially vulnerable communities of color and low-income seniors, intact and involved in planning
• Managed growth, that is, “density done right”–neighborhood planning for the growth that’s coming
• Livability, that is, quality-of-life issues for all ages, including parks, tree canopy, water runoff and drainages, small business, school capacity, transportation, parking, community centers, cultural and historical assets

The Coalition has hired the Bricklin & Newman law firm, who are top notch land use attorneys.  Much care has been taken to ensure limited financial liability to all participant organizations, while also providing for maximum oversight of financial resources in conjunction with legal services provided. But there will be significant legal fees nonetheless.

Your donation is needed to fund this important step in our shared Seattle future.

We are appealing the MHA Final EIS because we want the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) analysis to include an honest assessment of the alternatives, impacts and possible mitigation, starting with displacement and loss of existing affordable housing, and going on to transportation, tree canopy and school capacity, etc. We need to set the record straight with the City that the EIS needs to be revisited in a more robust way to find the best fit solutions for each affected neighborhood. 

Donate to the MHA-EIS Appeal

Can you spare $10, $20 or maybe a bit more to support the appeal?

​How your donation will work for you:

  • Demand truly affordable housing alternatives, not only more market-rate development
  • Reduce displacement of vulnerable communities—residents and neighborhood businesses
  • Conserve Seattle’s natural resources (tree canopy, light and air, water quality, and green spaces)
  • Maintain and strengthen Seattle’s infrastructure (schools, parks, sidewalks, sewers) concurrent with new development
  • Ensure traffic congestion and parking problems are realistically mitigated
  • Include family-sized housing, including large, multi-generational and immigrant families
  • Demand City consideration of more local alternatives to the one-size-fits-all MHA “Grand Bargain” upzones
  • Include considerations of livability in City planning

What to donate by check? Address your donation and mail it to:

Seattle Fair Growth
2442 NW Market Street, Box 487
Seattle, WA 98107.

Read the Appeal, and browse back in the history all about HALA, and West Seattle’s fight for a truly Livable and Affordable city, as covered by the West Seattle Blog.

Thank you for your donation to our appeal. Keep Seattle Livable!

Sincerely, the members of the Seattle Coalition for Affordability, Livability & Equity:

  • Westwood Roxhill Arbor Heights Community Coalition

in coalition with our West Seattle neighbors:

and, also in coalition with our city side neighbors:

• Baker Street Community Group
• Beacon Hill Council of Seattle
• Central Ballard Residents Association
• Cherry Hill Community Council
• Citizens for Architectural Diversity
• Eastlake Community Council
• Fremont Neighborhood Council
• Friends of the North Rainier Neighborhood Plan
• Friends of Ravenna-Cowen
• Georgetown, Duwamish Valley Neighborhood Preservation Coalition
• Greenwood Exceptional Tree Group
• Jackson Place Community Council
• Madison-Miller Park Community
• Magnolia Community Council
• Save Madison Valley
• Seattle Displacement Coalition
• Seattle Fair Growth
• Seniors United for Neighborhoods
• South Park, Duwamish Valley Neighborhood Preservation Coalition
• TreePAC
• U District Small Businesses
• University District Community Council
• Wallingford Community Council