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At our November 2017 meeting, WWRHAH hosted the West Seattle Precinct Police Department. You can read coverage of the topics covered courtesy of the West Seattle Blog, here.

You can also  view and download the SPD department contacts list, SPD community outreach and Block Watch Program materials on this page.

“The discussion started with Joe Everett, who is the (relatively) new City Attorney’s Office liaison to the Southwest Precinct. He explained that the position is meant to “address chronic problems as they are emerging … before they turn into really big incidents.”

The precinct liaison program was founded in 1995 and at the time, the attorneys were based downtown, but “over time, thanks to some federal grants, we moved out to the precincts,” and now the program is fully funded by city funds – with one liaison for each of the five precincts, which is also new; for a while South and Southwest Precincts shared a liaison, but as of last week, each precinct has its own liaison.

When there’s a problem, they work to “bring everyone to the table.” Day to day, he provides “proactive advice” to SPD as needed; he mentioned a recent case of a disturbance where a tow-truck operator hired to repossess a car “came into contact with a car owner who didn’t want to give up their car” and so he helped sort out “who needed to back down.” He also gets other agencies involved “when appropriate”; he also litigates code violations if a property turns into a nuisance and the city has to go to court. “And it’s my job to facilitate communications … if you have a problem in the community and you’re not sure who to call …” call him and he’ll do his best to put you in touch with who you need to contact.” Read more….

 SW Precinct Online Resources: Ways to keep in the loop with SPD. Includes information about the SPD Crime Blotter and Updated Crime Statistics. Read & Download the flyer, here.





When & How to Effectively Call 911/ Effectively Reporting Suspicious Behavior:  Remember that it is always better to report a person or situation and have it turn out not to be a crime or hazard than to not report and find out later that a crime was committed. You won’t get in trouble for reporting something that you feel is suspicious and upon checking it out, we discover that nothing was amiss. The important thing is to report the activity and let the responding officers sort it out.  Download, here.



SW Precinct Public Safety Contact Numbers: Need to contact our CPT Officers, and Abandoned Car, or get help around a specific issue in your neighborhood? Start with contacting the SW SPD precinct departments. Remember to call 911, not these numbers to report a crime in progress.  Download the flyer, here.




 Start or Reboot a Block Watch On Your Street:  Block watches are a simple concept with positive results. All it takes is about reaching out, connecting and agreeing to communicate with your neighbors. Start a new Block Watch, or Reboot/Refresh an existing one.   Download the flyer, here.

Other Block Watch resources:

How to order and install Neighborhood Watch Signs.

Join the SW Precinct Block Watch Capitan’s Network! Meets 4th Tuesday of every Month. Details here.